Why are we TeethCloud?

  • Because there can be no health without oral health
  • Because there can be no oral health solutions without valid data
  • Because it’s not just your oral health; it’s your life
  • And each of us has a contribution to make!

We strive to constantly improve and promote health around the world through innovative Dental Informatics.

We strive to make research and information easily accessible, useful, and placed in the hands of patients and professionals alike.

We strive for meaningful, measurable and positive outcomes for dentistry and oral health in the 21st century.

What is TeethCloud?

A platform for:

  • Dental patients
  • Oral health professionals
  • Students enrolled in oral health disciplines

Who is TeethCloud?

  • Clinicians, educators, and researchers dedicated to decreasing inequalities in global oral health through Dental Informatics
  • Facilitators
  • A collaborative of expertise across the globe to answer the opportunities and challenges around us
  • A think tank for offering solutions
  • Informaticists who believe in data that drive evidence-based decisions

Together we are TeethCloud !