Why become a TeethCloud member ?

Each of us in our day-to-day activities encounters information, manages it, and creates solutions as a result – often without consciously realizing how. Unfortunately, those solutions are not always effective or efficient.

Imagine how much more powerful such solutions become when the information supporting them can be readily collected, analyzed, and shared by a group of connected individuals for the purpose of improving oral health across the globe …

Imagine being allowed to do what you have been professionally trained to do without having to leave your clinic, laboratory, classroom, or business but with global access to information and knowledge you otherwise would have missed or not have been able to contribute …

That is the power of TeethCloud membership !

Benefits of being a TeethCloud member

As a member, you benefit from your free of charge membership by being given the opportunity to recommend for posting relevant information and knowledge towards improved oral health. You are also given the opportunity to (re)publish under your name your own materials or to initiate projects.

Making suggestions and sharing publications and postings, following acceptance by our review board, is open to members in the following categories which correspond to the web pages of this site:

  • Opportunities
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No contributions to make at this time? Do not worry!  Any oral health professional or student who supports the TeethCloud dream and who understands the value of connecting globally is more than welcome to sign up for a free membership and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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