Whether a recognized oral health professional in oral health, dental hygiene, dental assisting, student, or stakeholder in the healthcare sector, are you …

  • a strong proponent of efficient and secure use of dental informatics?
  • actively pursuing a “data-driven” or “evidence-based” approach in your practice, research, teaching, or business?

Then, consider applying to become a TeethCloud Thought Leader

Benefits of Thought Leadership  

You contribute your knowledge, views and expertise not only to our TeethCloud members, but also to those visiting our website.  You do so by evaluating submitted articles, presentations and webinars against dental informatics criteria.  You answer member questions inside your specialty and engage in forum discussions when relevant.  You are welcome to submit and publish work of your own.  In short, you become part of a living system of data that is acquired, analyzed, and dispersed to create awareness, reliable information, and improved outcomes for the profession and public. 

Your time commitment is entirely discretionary and is dependent only on your focus and drive to improve oral health around the world.

TeethCloud, in return, offers you exposure on a global platform and scale which provide the opportunity to further enhance your standing, recognition, and bring your efforts, collaboration, and work before a far wider audience.

Students, we do not underestimate your potential contributions!  Yours is a generation of highly skilled users of information on the web and elsewhere.  We value your insights and are interested in your opinions on how technology may be applied better in your oral health education and careers.

Ready for submitting your application and requesting an interview ?

Familiarize yourself with the qualifications below the form and apply by submitting the form.
Your information is received by the Board exclusively.  It will be used solely for the purpose of your application and will not be shared with any third party.
Acceptance or rejection as a Thought Leader is solely at the discretion of the Board.  All Board decisions are final.

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