My DI Maturity

Whether new to Dental Informatics or well-versed, this section allows you to calculate your DI Maturity score and level.

The goal is to provide a simple measure for members to evaluate their current use and experience of digital capabilities by means of a  quantified score. This assessment further enables members to set an individual DI development agenda, striving for the next higher level.

On a scale of 0-5, your maturity level indicates your progression in DI and is determined by these categories:

  • Digital patient record
  • Digital clinic management
  • Digital patient access / Teledentistry
  • Digital X-ray and/or AI diagnostics
  • Digital intraoral camera
  • Digital dental scanner and CADCAM
  • Digital lab order
  • Digital dental insurance
  • Digital research data / oral health statistics

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Examples of digital functions by category

Digital patient record

  • Dental and perio chart
  • Progress record
  • Dental history / Medical history
  • Treatment plan
  • X-Rays, Photographs, Documents archive
  • Patient billing
  • Prescriptions

Digital clinic management

  • Patient appointment scheduler
  • Treatment fees and materials pricing
  • Patient accounts receivable
  • Materials and equipment inventory
  • Clinic finance
  • Clinic HR

Digital patient access / Teledentistry

  • Patient self-scheduling
  • Patient documents self-upload
  • Patient self-payment
  • Remote patient consultation

Digital X-ray and/or AI diagnostics

  • In-clinic X-Ray   

Digital intraoral camera

Digital intraoral scanner and CADCAM     

Digital dental laboratory order

Digital dental insurance

  • Eligibility and coverage

Digital research data / oral health statistics

  • Patient oral health indicators
  • Patient oral health analytics
  • Clinic population oral health analytics