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Title Main topic Sub topic DI category Author (1st) Author (1st) country Link
Intervening in Symbiotic Cross-Kingdom Biofilm Interactions Caries Cariology Resrch Data Kim, H.E. United States
Association between income loss COVID-19 and children’s dental care Caries Epidemiology Dig Data Exch
Orl Hlth Stats
Pt/Clin Data
Burgette, Jacqueline United States
Survival estimates of ART vs traditional restorative treatment Caries Restoration Dig Data Exch
Resrch Data
Frencken, Jo Netherlands
Recent Advancements in Restorative Dentistry Dental materials Dig Data Exch
Pt/Clin Data
Resrch Data
Kalotra, Jatinder India
Periodontitis and Severity of Covid 19 Periodontal health Epidemiology Dig Data Exch
Pt/Clin Data
Resrch Data
Marouf, Nadya Qatar