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TeethCloud’s ambition is to provide valid information as well as contribute to its communication, discussion, and exchange – all in the name of improving oral health and decreasing those inequalities globally through the medium of Dental Informatics.

It is a journey which will never end.  Indeed, it has only just begun.

More importantly, we have heard you all … professional and student alike.  You have told us that you recognize these challenges; you even have identified potential solutions; yet, you have lacked the benefit of an effective network of expertise with which to aid you in your local, regional, and national efforts.  And, today, this network can literally move out of the practice operatory to reach around the world.

Soon, we will also include the category “Patient” next to that of “Professional” and “Student”.  We firmly believe that an educated patient who is an equal and active participant on TeethCloud will provide not only the best direction for our efforts, but also become the primary master of their own health.

Acknowledging that this is a work in progress, what’s most important to you?

If you see the value of Dental Informatics as we do;

If you understand the essential role of oral health to overall well-being;

If you want a place to add your expertise to benefit the world in need around you;

If you wish to add your contributions to ours …

Then, add your name below to learn how you can become a member of TeethCloud!

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